Now that the cold of Winter has set in and taken Japan in her icy grip, just about everyone in the country is racing for the warm comfort of their beloved kotatsu.

If you're not familiar with a kotatsu, it's a wonderful invention: a low-situated table, equipped with a heater and topped off with a futon blanket that makes for the perfect hibernation spot during Winter. They're popularity doesn't stop at humans, however, as they are an enormous hit with cats as well.

As proof of this, a Japanese Twitter user showed what really goes on underneath the cover of a kotatsu, by ripping the cover off and capturing the reactions of those underneath!

Wh-what?! Where did it go?!

It was here just a second ago...

YOU! So it was you!

Maybe if we just keep acting cute, we'll get it back!

You can't help but feel bad for the cats, but it's hard to be upset at the trick when the result is this cute! Here's the original tweet with translation.

The inhabitants of the kotatsu, confused by sudden removal of the futon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.