It sure would be nice to be able to admire Pokémon in the real world.

NAIL STUDIO STELLAR (@NAIL_STELLAR), a nail salon in Osaka, has shown an adorable and stylish way to at least make that true when looking at your hands. The talented nail artist, who routinely shares amazing nail artwork inspired by popular fiction, turned her nails into a Pokémon who is known for transforming itself--Ditto!



"Ditto Gestaltzerfall nail art."

The high quality nail art perfectly recreates Ditto's slimy body and mischievous expression in fine detail, and actually looks as if it's splitting up, recombining, and transforming across each nail cleverly. NAIL STUDIO STELLAR calls them "Gestaltzerfall", a phenomenon of staring at a complex image for so long it begins to look looks as if it's breaking up into smaller parts--a reference to Ditto's ability.

This isn't the first time NAIL STUDIO STELLAR has posted awesome and stylish nails, as she routinely share impressive nail art showing off popular anime and manga.


Dragon Ball Z

Jujutsu Kaisen



The Batman




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By - grape Japan editorial staff.