After Japanese Twitter user やわい Yawai (@k82gwixEBBMgEQn) posted a photo of her cat on Twitter, many people were amused and left comments like:

  • "He looks like a drunken salaryman!"
  • "He's sitting like a human being...!"
  • "Is there a small middle-aged man inside?"

The reason was her cat's pose!

Reproduced with permission from やわい Yawai (@k82gwixEBBMgEQn)

"He's fallen Thanks for your hard work this week as my home security guard!"

If you haven't been to Japan, it's not uncommon to see drunken salarymen on trains at night, usually on Fridays (and sometimes early Saturday), slouched over on their seats, and sometimes even on the floor.

Ushico / © PIXTA

In this case, Yawai was joking about her "watchcat" who makes sure her home is safe when she's out. And just like an overworked salaryman drowning out the stress of a long week with some heavy drinking, her cat leaning against furniture as he slept soundly looked like he had had a hard week's work.

As it turns out, her cat had fallen asleep in a similar pose before. It's a somewhat unusual pose for a cat, but it must be a soothing sight for Yawai.

"Look at this lol. Here's a middle-aged man who woke up to discover he had become a cat lol."

He soothes her soul, keeps her home safe, and even bring a smile to her face...What a great cat he is!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.