VTubers have become so popular in society that they are now often used as corporate image characters.

One reason for their rise to prominence in the live streaming scene may be the wide variety they offer both in terms of the content they specialize in and the unique personalities that endear them to their fans.

Simeji, a Japanese input & emoticon keyboard application, conducted a survey targeting the Generation Z demographic in which 318 of its users aged 10 to 24 were asked who was their favorite Vtuber.

Top 10 Favorite VTubers

The ranking is as follows:

  • 1. 湊あくあ Minato Aqua
  • 2. 壱百満天原サロメ Salome Hyakumantenbara
  • 3. 葛葉 Kuzuha
  • 4. 兎田ぺこら Usada Pekora
  • 5. 剣持刀也 Kenmochi Touya
  • 6. 星川サラ Hoshikawa Sara
  • 7. 叶 Kanae
  • 8. さくらみこ Sakura Miko
  • 9. 宝鐘マリン Houshou Marine
  • 10. 渋谷ハル Shibuya HAL

First place went to Aqua Minato, a second-generation member of the female VTuber group hololive.

Combining elements of an idol, gamer, and maid, the popular Vtuber captivates fans not only through her kawaii appearance but also her game streaming content.

Comments from surveyees explaining their choice included "I love her voice and her appearance," and "Her cuteness can't be expressed in words."

Coming in second place was Hyakumantenbara Salome, whose unique name, tone of voice, and speech patterns, adding "desuwa" to the end of her sentences, create an indelible impression on viewers.

She attracted attention immediately after launching her YouTube channel in May 2022, becoming the fastest Vtuber to reach the 1 million subscriber milestone in just under 14 days. As of August 2022, she boasts more than 1.55 million subscribers.

In third place was Kuzuha, a NEET vampire gamer. He mainly streams games but is also active as a musical artist with his outstanding singing ability.

Were any of your favorite Vtubers in the list?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.