Sanrio have plenty of adorable collaboration menus and treats around at the moment in Japan, including fruit sandwiches inspired by Cinnamoroll and pancakes starring all Sanrio's heavy hitters.

But this cafe is aimed specifically at the star-gazing Sanrio fans out there. It’s taking place in Achimura, a village known as the number one view in Japan for starry skies. As if you needed any more encouragement to visit such a place, you can now enjoy some adorable Sanrio-themed treats for a limited time only at Achi Base.

The menu has a starry sky theme to match the location, including deep colours like purple and blue and plenty of star motifs.

Several popular characters are featured such as Pochacco on a Doria.

Hello Kitty on a meat sauce pasta.

Badtz-Maru on a fondant chocolat cake.

And Kiki and Lala’s pastel charms can be found on a waffle dessert.

The whole menu can be found on Achi Base's website.

Visitors who order from the Sanrio collaboration menu will also get a free coaster starring a character on a night sky backdrop.

This special menu will be available until 31st October 2022 at Achi Base in Achimura (Nagano prefecture).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.