Fans of Hello Kitty probably now about Hello Kitty World, the adorable theme park simulation game app which allows you to enjoy a theme park of your own creation with Hello Kitty and friends.

However, if you've been waiting to play its sequel, Hello Kitty Park 2, you've been out of luck, unless you live in Japan, Hong Kong or Macao.

The wait is finally over!

Having racked up over 5 million downloads, the new and better version made by Access Brite Co., Ltd. in an official collaboration with Sanrio, is finally available internationally and in English.

According to the press release, "the game features a huge cast of Sanrio's beloved characters (...) from Hello Kitty and My Melody to Pompompurin, Little Twin Stars, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll"

In addition, the new version allows you to create your own personal avatar and you can coordinate your outfits with Sanrio's cute fashion styles.

Craft decorations for Hello Kitty or any other of your favorite characters, and make your very own special park with Hello Kitty World 2.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.