For many kids, the worlds of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are an instant creative drive to imagine a trip to one of the parks featured in the films to see what it was like "when dinosaurs ruled the earth" up close and in person.

For the 4-year-old daughter of Japanese Twitter user Rimi a.k.a. Kaaka (@2017Rimi), that definitely hasn't been the case. Rimi a.k.a. Kaaka recently took to Twitter to share her daughter's reaction to watching Jurassic World, and how it dramatically affected her to the point of declaring she would never visit the park:

"My daughter was watching Jurassic World and said "I'm never going to Jurassic World. Too many bad things are always going on there" and while shivering in fear, bound the mouths of her carnivorous dinosaurs."

Source: @2017Rimi

It appears that the dinosaur disasters in the movie don't come quite across as action scenes but more as an indication of a place to definitely not visit to her imaginative 4-year-old mind. In response she not only let her mom know she would never go to Jurassic World, but also tied the mouths of her dinosaurs shut to make sure they wouldn't be eating anyone!

Many on Twitter were amused and touched by the young girl's impression of the movie, as well as her creative reaction.

According to Rimi a.k.a. Kaaka, when she later informed her daughter that a Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, she defiantly replied with "I'll never go! I'll never go!!" so it appears even that's out of the question!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.