Twitter User Trolled By Japanese Vending Machine

It's not often that one can muster up the discipline and resolve it takes to turn down anything labeled "mystery flavor", and that certainly wasn't the case for Twitter user @keiii1128, who found out the hard way that not all mysteries are solved the way we want them to be.

While Japanese vending machines have a reputation of selling just about everything and popping up just about everywhere, @keiii1128 noticed something unusual about this drink dispenser located in Yokohama. As one can see in the first picture, it was stocked with an abundance of mystery flavored items for the low low price of 100 yen (87 cents). Each bottle is labeled "I wonder what this is?" Well, for just one coin, @keiii1128 had to give in to the siren call.

"Oh piss off..." his lovely tweet reads, which reveals in the second picture that the mystery flavor item he received was not a beverage at all, but instead Japanese Barbecue (yakiniku, 焼肉)sauce.

Well, to be fair, it never said it was something you could drink!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.