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Japan’s Self-Defense Force members become buff human carp in support of Children’s Day

Right now Japan is celebrating its spring holiday of Golden Week, one May 5th, it celebrated Children's Day in particular. One of the biggest traditions on Children's Day, which sees families wish for the wellbeing and success of their children, is the flying of colorful streamers, known as koinobori. Many of these streamers are in the shape of carp, which relates the idea of children growing up strong to a carp swimming upstream.

Image used for illustrative purposes

This year to celebrate Children's Day, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force of the Ministry of Defense (JMSDF) decided to show their support of the nation's youth with a bit of a flex--literally!

They shared a photo of their creative support with the caption "How about this type of koinobori?"

A team of JMSDF members are quite impressively demonstrating a human flag exercise, a bodyweight exercise that requires a great deal of overall strength. Perhaps it is emblematic of the spirit of Children's Day, in hoping that kids can show off this kind of strength in whatever way they can. On their backs the JMSDF members, the words "Children's Day" and "koi" are written.

In the replies, many felt inspired and impressed by the gesture:

"They're so buff, this isn't koinobori, this is Gyarados-nobori!"

"There are the strongest koinobori in Japan."

"Their back muscles and the sunset makes a great match!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.