In recent years, many people in Japan spend their time riding trains either looking at their smartphones or reading books.

Since most people have their faces turned down, it stands out when someone isn't, especially if their gaze is focused on a passenger.

One day while riding the train, Twitter user and cosplayer かちょう Kacho (@Manager_Friends) says that two men sitting opposite him on the train were repeatedly giving him very suspicious glances. This made him feel rather uncomfortable. "What is it?" he thought to himself.

However, after he returned home, the reason they thought he looked sus became clear!

It was the bag that Kacho was holding!

Image reproduced with permission from かちょう Kacho (@Manager_Friends)

Something was showing through the plastic!

Kacho had attended an exhibition on the popular manga Golden Kamuy, which concluded on April 28th, 2022.

Every day, many fans are visiting the exhibition, which is being held at Tokyo Dome until June 26th, and the gift shop selling all kinds of related merchandise is just as popular.

Kacho had put a cardboard mask featuring one of the characters in the manga, which was distributed as an entrance bonus, in his shopping bag along with the goods he had purchased. Little did he realize that the bag was translucent!

The anecdote immediately went viral on Twitter, garnering nearly 75,000 likes and eliciting numerous comments such as:

  • "What an impactful face! I would be staring too lol..."
  • "I couldn't help laughing at this. Awesome!"
  • "Look what you did. You made me burst out laughing in the train..."

The various facial expressions of the characters in Golden Kamuy, known as 顔芸 kaogei "face art" among fans, are one of the charms of the manga.

The two men he saw on the train probably didn't mean to offend, and only reacted involuntarily to the peculiar and unexpected sight!

If you care about such things, the next time you go to a manga or anime exhibition, it might be a good idea to check the bag you're using to carry around your merchandise just to see what it looks like to others.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.