Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, using video conferencing tools to facilitate working from home has become commonplace.

As many of our readers know, these tools often include options to change the video background. It's very useful when you don't want to give your colleagues a free look at your home and things you may not feel comfortable showing them.

One co-worker changed their background...

Here's an original manga by かもがわ圭 Kei Kamogawa (@HN331945) that humorously highlights one of the pitfalls of using or not using such backgrounds.

Four people are having a videoconference when one of them changes their background settings, causing some speculation among some of his colleagues...

Reproduced with permission from かもがわ圭 Kei Kamogawa (@HN331945)

Sound effect: PA (a mimetic word used for something appearing suddenly, in this case, the four participants appearing as the meeting begins.)

Reproduced with permission from かもがわ圭 Kei Kamogawa (@HN331945)

Man: "Oh, sorry. I don't use Z--m too much... This is a background I set when I was joking around with a friend and it hadn't changed." 恥… (embarrassment)
[Note: His setting is reminiscent of a background typically used at swimsuit model publicity events.]

Reproduced with permission from かもがわ圭 Kei Kamogawa (@HN331945)

Sound effect: PA

Reproduced with permission from かもがわ圭 Kei Kamogawa (@HN331945)

Two co-workers, thinking: "Aren't these guys in the same room???"

You can see that the man in the upper-right frame and his colleague in the lower-left frame have the same curtains!

In fact, if you look carefully at those two frames in the second and fourth panel of the manga, you'll find two other hints that the two of them are joining the meeting from the same room.

So, if you're not ready (or never intend) to reveal your relationship with a coworker (or someone else joining your videoconference), you might want to be careful about your background, whether it's digital or real!

If you'd like to read more manga like this, follow Kei Kamogawa on Twitter, or read his manga 中村はふたりおりまして nakamura wa futari orimashite (Our name is Nakamura) and わたしと寿司と推しと watashi to sushi to oshi to (Sushi, Oshi and Me) at Comic Polaris.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.