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Fancy cut boiled eggs with a common household item [Lifehack]

Boiled eggs are convenient for lunch boxes and as an accompaniment to dishes. The white and yellow pattern which can be seen when you slice the egg adds color too.

Sometimes, however, we wish we could do a better job of making them look nice.

After all, not all of us are good with a knife...

Case in point: the writer at our sister site Grape who took the photo above. "If it's going to look like this, I might as well just cut it in half as usual," she thought to herself.

But even she was able to make fancy-cut boiled eggs following an easy lifehack using a certain household item.

All you need is a straw!

You can also use biodegradable disposable straws made of other materials but please note that paper straws, for example, may not be hard enough to use for this lifehack.

Flower Cut Boiled Eggs

Cut off half of the straw as shown in the photo above to create a shape like a chisel. The thickness of the straw will determine the size of the "petals."

At the middle of the egg, insert the straw deep into the center of the yolk.

Repeat this all along the circumference until you've made a pattern of semi-circles around the entire egg, then crack the egg in two with your hands.

Dinosaur Eggs

This one could be a fun idea for kids (or kids at heart). Use the other side of the same straw (or a straw that hasn't been cut).

Insert the straw to create round holes in the egg yolk. Don't go too far in for this one.

Next, fill the hollowed-out holes with things like ketchup, mashed boiled egg yolk, mashed edamame, green peas, or other peas or beans in a color that creates a nice contrast against the egg whites.

The writer used a thick straw (such as those served with boba tea or smoothies) to make a bigger hole.

Now you have two ways of presenting boiled eggs!

It's easy to make these without any special tools and you don't even need to be skilled with your hands.

Why not give it a try?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.