Here is a slightly embarrassing episode from Twitter user 町ル田 Machiruda (@81swift) when he visited his local Uniqlo.

He headed to the self-checkout counter to buy some clothes and saw someone in front of the cash register, so he waited in line behind him.

However, as it turns out, what was actually in front of the cash register was...

Reproduced with permission from 町ル田 Machiruda (@81swift)

...a mannequin!

The mannequin was not only wearing a hat and shoes but was clothed from head to foot.

For a moment, Machiruda thought the mannequin looked like a real person, creating the illusion that the checkout line was crowded.

As soon as he realized it was a mannequin, he quickly pretended to be looking at some T-shirts nearby.

Although neither other customers nor the store staff seemed to have noticed his embarrassing mistake, he felt nervous for a while, worrying that he had been spotted.

This humorous anecdote elicited many reactions such as:

  • "...I laughed so hard, it cheered me up! The silhouette really looked like it was a person."
  • "If this were a comedy show, I'd give you full marks! This mannequin which really gives off a natural human presence made me chuckle."
  • "At first, I thought, 'How is that possible?' but then I realized I've done the same thing before lol."

Perhaps it wasn't only Machiruda who was fooled into lining up behind the mannequin that day!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.