The market for high-end cookies is growing internationally. In Japan, cookies are very popular and new brands and varieties continue to emerge. For example, as our readers may recall, we recently introduced the unique and forest-themed Gin no Mori cookies in their beautiful and elegant tins.

Cookie-curious people living in the Kanto area will have an unprecedented opportunity to see the best cookie creators in Japan converging at Japanese department store Sogo Yokohama's very first クッキー博覧会 kukkī hakurankai, or Cookie Exposition, to be held for one week beginning tomorrow, May 26th and ending on June 1st, 2022.

A total of 40 cookie shops, boutiques and brands, many of them exclusive to Japan, will be selling their finest wares on the 8th floor exhibition hall between the hours of 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM (5:00 PM on June 1st).

There will also be a "Baked Goods Market" where you'll be able to savor baked goods including limited-edition items changing on a daily basis.

Japanese Cookies at the Cookie Expo

Here are 15 Japanese cookie brands you'll find at the Cookie Expo:

アトリエうかい Atelier Ukai [Tokyo]

フールセック Fours Sec [small tin] (148 g) 2,501 JPY
A cookie assortment that looks like a beautiful jewelry box.


パティスリー エチエンヌ Pâtisserie Etienne [Kanagawa]

プティフールセック Petit Fours Sec / BuBuCo Tin (35 cookies per tin) 2,549 JPY
[Limited to 100 tins, one tin per person]
Cookies in a cute tin with an illustration of a winged pig, their brand mascot.


桜坂AZUL Sakurazaka AZUL [Fukuoka]

プティジョリー星空 Petit Joli Hoshizora {starry sky} (70 g) 2,700 JPY
[limited to 150 tins, one tin per person]
Cookies created in the image of stars shining in the summer night sky.



バターゴーフレット[バニラ] Butter Gaufrettes [Vanilla] (5 gauffrettes per tin) 1,501 JPY
Featuring the rich and mellow blend of Belgian cultured butter and vanilla.


ISHIYA G [Tokyo]

ツクル(ラング・ド・シャ)「十勝しんむら牧場 ミルクジャム プレーン」セット Gift Set: Tsukuru (langue de chat) + "Tokachi Shinmura Farm Milk Jam - Plain" (1 box) 1,836 JPY
Tsukuru means "make" in Japanese. Add as little or as much of Tokachi Shinmura Farm's delicious milk jam as you wish to make your own langue de chat cookies.


モンサンクレール Mont St. Clair [Tokyo]

バターサンドクロレ Buttercream Sandwich Cookies "Couleurs" (colors)
フレーズ Fraise {strawberry}, ショコラ Chocolat (2 each) and 1 Pistachio (5 cookies per tin) 2,801 JPY
Buttercream filled with strawberries, chocolate or pistachios sandwiched between sablé cookies.



One-Day Limited Offerings

May 26th: 新門前米村 Shinmonzen Yonemura [Kyoto]

よねむらオリジナルクッキー Yonemura Original Cookies (390 g, 1 tin) 5,501 JPY
[Limited to 50 tins]



プティボワ Le petit bois [Size 120, 1 tin] 1,944 JPY
[Limited to 30 tins]


May 28th: 廣尾瓢月堂 Hiroo Hyogetsudo [Tokyo]

六瓢息災 Mubō Sokusai (2 varieties, 12 cookies per tin) 1,944 JPY
[Limited to 100 tins, up to 2 tins per person]
Their long-selling cookies are sandwiched with nuts and honeyed ginger and cut into cubes. The name is a play on words combining the number six (for the sides of the cube) and the 瓢 kanji from their shop name 瓢月堂, along with the auspicious phrase 無病息災 mubyō sokusai meaning "good health."


May 29th: 村上開新堂 Murakami Kaishindo [Kyoto]

ロシアケーキ "Russian Cakes" (4 varieties, 12 cookies per box) 2,765 JPY
[Limited to 50 boxes]


Long-selling Japanese Cookie Classics

カフェタナカ Café Tanaka [Nagoya]

レガル・ド・チヒロ シュクレ缶 Régal de Chihiro - Sucré Tin (1 tin) 4,860 JPY
[Limited to 50 tins, 1 tin per person]


UN LIVRE [Tokyo]

UN LIVRE Tin (1 tin) 2,160 JPY


ヨックモック Yoku Moku [Tokyo]

シガール オゥ マッチャ アソルティ Cigares au Matcha Assorties (2 varieties, 22 cookies per tin) 2,160 JPY
Matcha flavored rolled tuile cookies from the internationally famous Japanese cookie brand.


鎌倉レ・ザンジュ Kamakura Les Anges [Kanagawa]

プティ・フール・サレ Petit Fours Salés (1 tin) 2,160 JPY


トシ・ヨロイヅカ Toshi Yoroizuka [Tokyo]

サブレ・コレクション Sablé Collection (230 g, 1 tin) 2,501 JPY
A selection of cookies by the internationally acclaimed patissier Toshihiko Yoroizuka.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.