Japanese convenience stores certainly live up to their name. On top of surprisingly delicious findings such as gourmet egg sandwiches, customers can handle other errands such as buying event tickets, sending packages, and sometimes even getting in a workout.

Popular chain FamilyMart is now buffing up that list of services with the launch of "Famimacy", a convenience store pharmacy pick-up service for prescription medicine.

Famimacy is a collaborative effort between FamilyMart and the "todokusuri" prescription drug delivery service developed by Toppan Printing and Okapi Pharmacy. Todokusuri was developed as a means of facilitating prescription drug dispensing during the pandemic, and now that process is even more streamlined as users of the Famimacy service do not need to bring their prescriptions directly to the dispensing pharmacy and do not have to wait in line, and can receive their prescribed medicine at the register of FamilyMart stores.

To use the service, you need to register as a member of the todokusuri service. After that, inform your clinic or hospital that you wish to use the todokusuri/Famimacy system, and they will forward your prescription to a pharmacy.

You can then select your preferred FamilyMart store for medicine pickup from your page on the todokusuri app. A pharmacist will call you to go over information about your medicine, and then a barcode will be sent to you via e-mail when your medicine is ready to pick up. Simply head to FamilyMart and present the barcode to pick up your medicine.

The Famimacy service will launch on May 26th at 2,400 participating FamilyMart locations in the greater Tokyo area.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.