Between falling in love with the treasure trove of treats found at Japanese 7-Elevens and being mystified by the "proper" way to open a rice ball, many foreign correspondents covering the Olympics have been having quite the time exploring convenience stores in this year's host country.

Channels News Asia reporter Matthew Mohan (@MatthewMohanCNA) appears to be the latest enamored with a convenience store find, this time singing the praises of the ice cream section.

He recently took to Twitter sharing a picture of Morinaga & Co. Ltd.’s best-selling Choco Monaka Jumbo ice cream bar, saying "I discovered the best convenience store ice-cream last night..."

While everyone has different tastes, the Choco Monaka Jumbo is certainly an endearing fan favorite among many ice cream lovers in Japan. The ice cream bar is actually a callback to the traditional Japanese sweet monaka, which sandwiches azuki red bean paste in between two crisp wafers.

(c) grape Japan

The Choco Monka Jumbo is a bit of an updated version of that, replacing the bean paste with an end-to-end vanilla ice cream filling that contains an extra-crispy chocolate sheet instead into it. The chocolate sheet is the key to the bar's success, as it prevents the moisture in the ice cream from soggying up the monaka wafers, making them particularly crispy and crunchy, and allows you to snap it in two and share with friends.

(c) grape Japan

(c) grape Japan

Japanese Twitter users have been absolutely delighted to by Mohan's approval of the popular ice cream bar, flooding his Tweet with agreement and recommendations of other delicious ice cream options found at convenience stores. There are a few tongue-in-cheek replies lamenting the exposure of the "secret" of Choco Monka Jumbo however!

"Ahhh, the world's greatest ice cream has finally been exposed to the world by a journalist...this is the pride and joy of Japan, Choco Monaka Jumbo. It's so crispy and delicious...a one of a kind ice cream.""

"It's finally been found out."

"So they've finally noticed it..."

"I hope the deliciousness of Choco Monaka Jumbo is conveyed to the world."

"He totally gets it."

"Discovered the greatest convenience store ice cream? More like, it's been found out..."

"More and more Japanese goods are being unearthed lol"

"Ever since this Tweet, it's been a festival of Japanese ice cream presentations to him. If you speak English, please recommend Bokujoshibori to him!"

As for ice cream Mohan may want to try out on his next convenience store run, he's certainly not lacking in suggestions!

Even food life hacks combining ice cream with melon bread:

By - Big Neko.