Twitter user でか Deka (@oooaioooy) says that she recently saw something that made her laugh out loud even though she was by herself on a train.

According to her Tweet, she was on the JR Musashino Line when an announcement rang out in the train, "Next stop - Niiza, Niiza."

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Niiza Station 新座駅 is located in Niiza City 新座市, Saitama Prefecture 埼玉県.

A little girl near Deka who heard the announcement suddenly got excited and said:


The young girl must have misheard the station name "Niiza" as ninja.

This is a situation that would make anyone smile at a child's adorable misunderstanding. And in fact, the passengers nearby already looked quite amused.

The next moment, a man sitting next to her, who Deka assumed was the girl's father, spoke up. Using his suavest English "train announcer" voice and with the most fluent-sounding pronunciation he could muster, he quietly said:

"The next station is NINJA"

Stock photo for illustrative purposes

The father's joke turned his daughter's cute misunderstanding into a real train announcement.

The passengers in the train were already amused but now everyone was trying their best not to burst out laughing. And in fact, Deka couldn't hold it in...

The father's humorous response tickled even more funny bones on Twitter, eliciting comments such as:

  • "Oh, man... I burst out laughing uncontrollably!"
  • "I love this kind of humor. You're the best dad ever..."
  • "I read that in the voice of my favorite comedian and it was even funnier..."

The day the girl grows up and finds out what "Ninja Station" really is, she'll surely have a good laugh about it!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.