2022 marks a huge milestone in the journey of Japan’s railway system, which is celebrating 150 years of operation this year. In commemoration of the opening of the rail, JR East has announced a special collaboration with Nippon Hotel, which focuses on the development of hotels mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
The main part of the collaboration will see guests stepping into the role of a JR East train driver through the use of a train simulator installed in the bedroom.

The train simulator installed in the room reproduces the visuals seen from the cockpit of a conventional JR East train line. Guests can select which visuals will be shown on the screen from one of two lines; the Keihin Tohoku Line and the Hachikō Line.

These live-action videos are in fact the very same footage used by JR East drivers-in-training. In addition, the audio emitted from the vehicle and tracks are from real-life recordings, and are played back according to changes in the video and driving operation.

In front of the screen, a control panel faithfully replicates the “master control unit” used by JR East train drivers. This unit consists of a number of switches, indicator lights and levers that are used to control the acceleration and deceleration of trains.
Taking control of this unit, guests will be able to experience JR East train-driving operation through video simulation and a reactive speedometer.

Overview of JR East Train Simulator Room Stay

Available dates: Tuesday 5 April – Friday 30 September 2022
Pricing: Varies depending on the hotel (refer to each hotel information below for details)

Participating hotels:
– Hotel Metropolitan Ikebukuro
– Hotel Metropolitan Marunochi
– Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki
– Hotel Metropolitan Saitama-Shintoshin

Experience content:
Keihin Tohoku Line Omiya - Ofuna Simulation
Hachikō Line Takasaki - Komagawa Simulation

Below is a brief introduction to the differences between each hotel and what they have on offer.

Hotel Metropolitan Ikebukuro

Room Type: Twin bedroom and additional room that acts as designated train simulation space
1 room, 1 person (no breakfast): from 28,000 yen
1 room, 2 people (no breakfast): from 32,000 yen

Located at just a 1 minute walk away from Ikebukuro station, the JR East Train Simulator room stay at Hotel Metropolitan provides guests with a twin connected room on one of the higher floors.
Since the bedroom and “driver’s cab” are in separate rooms, guests can concentrate on the simulation experience and can enjoy both night and day “shifts” on the powerful 65-inch 4K LCD monitor.

Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi

Room Type: Upper floor corner room with a Tokyo train line view from above
1 room, 1 person (no breakfast): from 37,000 yen
1 room, 2 people (no breakfast): from 44,000 yen

The JR East Train Simulation room stay at Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi is installed in an upper floor room where guests can look down and watch the trains go by on the tracks below.
From the lower floors, guests can see the Keihin Tohoku, Nambu and Tokaido lines up close, and depending on the date and time they can also enjoy the Sunrise Seto and Izumo sleeper trains as they pass by.

Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki

Room Type: Urban twin room
1 room, 1 person (no breakfast): from 29,000 yen
1 room, 2 people (no breakfast): from 30,000 yen

Much like the accommodation plan in Marunouchi, the Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki’s Jr East Train Simulation Room Stay comes with a room overlooking the railway.

Hotel Metropolitan Saitama-Shintoshin

Price (breakfast included):
1 room, 1 person: from 27,000 yen
1 room, 2 people: from 30,000 yen

Located just 1 minute walk away from Saitama-Shintoshin station, guests staying at the Hotel Metropolitan Saitama-Shintoshin will be able to enjoy both the train simulator and a view of freight trains, conventional JR lines and limited express trains which run past the window.
The rooms in the plan are superior twin rooms which come equipped with Simmons highest-end bed mattresses. In addition this plan includes a Japanese and Western breakfast.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.