‘Go-To’ is the Japanese government’s nationwide campaign to encourage domestic tourism in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Fear of contracting the disease has kept people at home, which has had a terrible impact on the country’s hotel trade. Across Japan, hotel occupancy rates have plummeted, putting thousands of jobs at risk.

But with sensible precautions, travel within Japan can be safe. Log on to the JR West Hotel Group’s website, and you can take advantage of a generous travel discount. The campaign gives you unprecedented discounts at eight top hotels in the west of Japan. It’s a great way to give the family a well-earned respite from the stifling heat of late summer.

JR West is hoping that its campaign will go some way towards mitigating the disastrous impact the pandemic has had on the hotel trade, which has reverberated through local communities dependent on tourism.

One of the winning features of the campaign is that it allows guests to stay in participating hotels for up to 24 hours, meaning there’s no need to rush to check out the following morning. Instead, you can spend the best part of the day relaxing in your hotel.

Another draw is JR West Hotels’ uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. With its ‘Clean and Safety’ pledge, you can rest assured that everything humanly possible has been done to make your accommodation sterile and uncontaminated.

Ben Kubota | © Flickr.com

Member of the ‘JR Hotels Members’ scheme qualify for further discounts up to a maximum of 14% off the advertised price and also qualify for points, which can be used to offset the cost of future bookings. These can be used not only when making reservations at JR West Hotels, but also at hotels operated by other companies in the JR group, including JR East Hotels, JR Tokai Hotels, JR West Hotels, and JR Kyushu Group Hotels. It all adds up to a great deal!

The hotels participating in JR West Hotels’ campaign include such luminaries as the Hotel Granvia Kyoto, Hotel Granvia Osaka, Hotel Granvia Wakayama, Hotel Granvia Okayama, Hotel Granvia Hiroshima, Hotel Vischio Osaka, Hotel Vischio Amagasaki and the Nara Hotel.

Different hotels offer different incentives to stay, so it’s best to check the JR West Hotels website to see what is on offer at specific venues, but all of them are offering 24 hours stays.

For example, the Hotel Vischio Osaka will give the children in your party a ‘Hashitetsu’ or ‘Shinkansen spoon’ as a free gift. They’re also giving away sets of ‘Osaka dialect playing cards’ to while away the time. Prices start from ¥8,450 per person per night, including breakfast.

The Hotel Granvia Osaka hopes to entice visitors with its ‘World Cuisine Olympics’ silver medal-winning dinner at the ‘International Exhibition of Culinary Sciences.’ Prices start at ¥30,000 per person per night, which includes two meals.

The Hotel Granvia Hiroshima is offering free accommodation for children and free parking for the duration of your stay, with prices starting at ¥10,900 per person.

All prices include tax and service charge. JR West’s ‘Go-To’ campaign was launched on August 28, 2020 and is due to run until December 31, 2020. To make a reservation, simply log on to the JR West Hotels Group website, make a reservation at the hotel of your choice and apply for a discount coupon. Present the coupon at reception when you check in and enjoy your stay!

The JR-West Hotels ‘GoTo West Japan’ campaign website is here.

For details of JR West’s new ‘Clean and Safety’ hygiene standard, click here.

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By - George Lloyd.