A big part of the appeal of a cat is just how unpredictable their behavior can be sometimes, as it always keeps us on our toes and often in entertaining fashion. No matter how unpredictable a cat may be, however, there is one living creature that can surprise even them with their behavior...


Japanese mother @poclari_ragdoll, who lives with her infant daughter and fluffy ragdoll cat, Pocari, gets to see that sorta surprise regularly. She recently shared an interaction between the two that has many on Twitter delighted...particularly by the facial expression Pocari makes in reaction to the young daughter suddenly sitting down right next to him!

Source: @pocari_ragdoll

As you can see, Pocari was quite taken aback!

Source: @pocari_ragdoll

"My cat was so surprised by my baby suddenly sitting right next to him."

The photo quickly took off on Twitter, with many finding themselves absolutely in love with the human-like expression of shock on Pocari's face! Hopefully Pocari's sudden surprise is pleasant and the two get used to sitting with one another!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.