If you're familiar with Japanese taiko, and the disciplined art form of performing with them, then you've likely seen video game fans really get into Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Master), a popular taiko-themed game where players must think fast and strike taiko drums in rhythmic succession according to on-screen instructions as they follow the beat of the selected song. The rhythm-based game naturally attracts some awesome theatrics from zealous players, and now may be giving us the best sighting yet with this fully decked out sumo wrestler showing off his moves.

While we've seen sumo wrestlers do some truly awesome things out of their element before, there is at least some logical explanation for this player doing so well at a taiko game. The player is professional sumo wrestler Tanikawayama, who is required on a daily basis to strike and palm gigantic men as fiercely as he can. We imagine he finds some personal level of enjoyment in getting a rare opportunity to beat on a target that instead of trying to throw him around, plays some exciting music. The video was uploaded by fellow sumo wrestler, Masakatsu Ishiura , dubbing the sumo taiko star a "drum killa".

Now back to slapping the big guys around.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.