Japanese animal-lover and Twitter user かもしか Kamoshika (@b09a2032c) lives with their Siberian Husky, ユキ Yuki, and their two cats, サン San and レン Ren.

Kamoshika shares lively episodes from their daily life on Twitter, bringing smiles to many people's faces.

Three pets seemed to be sleeping peacefully...

The three pets in Kamoshika's home are so close that they often sleep huddled together.

One day, when they were lying together, Ren tried to leave.

But San was busy grooming Ren by licking her fur...

Perhaps her "play mode switch" had turned on, but San started biting Ren's back and head and kicking her with her hind legs!

But Ren was in no mood. Looking puzzled, as if to say: "How did this happen?" she held San at bay with her front legs, then made a quick exit.

Meanwhile, Yuki was completely unfazed by all the feline commotion going on behind her, and she remained perfectly still without looking back.

It's hard to believe that just a few seconds ago the three pets were lying huddled together so peacefully.

The video elicited a variety of comments, such as:

  • "I laughed at San-chan's smothering love for Ren."
  • "Look at Yuki, who doesn't move even when a fight breaks out nearby...!"
  • "I love it! I could start my morning in a relaxed mood (thanks to this video)."

The three pets must be getting along well, even if they do fight at times!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.