Very rarely you might encounter an office that lets employees enjoy a "bring your pet to work" day, but for the most part, we've got to suffer through the slog of our 9-5 without our faithful cat or dog to cheer us up. Now, thanks to this new Japanese product, Poppet, people who can't stand to be separated from their animal companions can get themselves an animal keepsake to make it through the day.


Source: Poppet

The order-made lifelike photos provide you with a pop-up image of your pet that is made from light-weight plastic, and each photo comes with a special mechanism that puts a shiny gleam in the pet's eye, as well as make their nose appear to be glistening wet. As can be seen below, the product's aim is to recreate your pet's face as accurately as possible, and only requires clear digital photo data to do so. Those who miss their pets often, perhaps even those who have lost one recently, can try this digital and hands-on memento.


Source: Poppet

The price? These 3D photos normally run at a tag of 14,800円 (around $120 USD), but will be specially available until the end of December for 12,500円 (around $100 USD). Here's a look at an original photo with a Poppet to compare.


Source: Poppet

Being totally honest, this seems like one of those products with a cutesy and benevolent intent that ends up being a bit creepy or confusing to some people, but with the high quality replications and the strength of bonds between people and their pets, there's definitely a market for this in Japan. Customer's even explain on Poppet's site why they chose to order the product.

I've always wanted to see Momo (dog) one more time, and thanks to the pop-up picture my husband was also so happy. Thank you for "reuniting" us. She was only given two months to live when she was diagnosed with cancer...she held on for ten months. Even now, she's my beloved little girl.


Source: Poppet

So hey, you can't blame someone for wanting to preserve their memory of a loved one. Even when that's not the case, it's at least different from a regular picture.

And hey, maybe they can double as a mirror with those sparkling noses!


Source: Poppet

By - grape Japan editorial staff.