Japanese Twitter user Nachi (@Nachi_utauhito) posted an exchange between a high school couple that was "hilarious!" and became a topic of conversation.

Nachi was riding a train when he heard a conversation between a high school couple nearby:

  • High school girl: "Awwww, you're so sweet!"
  • High school boy: "But I'm tough on ugly people"
  • High school girl: "???"
  • High school boy: "You know what I mean, right?"

It's clear that the two of them were getting along. But if you were listening in to their conversation, would you know what the boy was trying to say?

Most people would realize that he was trying, in a roundabout way, to say: "You're not ugly (i.e., you're cute)."

However, the girl didn't come to that realization. Instead, she said something very surprising:

    High school girl: "So, you mean you're tough on yourself?"

That's quite a harsh comeback since, also in a roundabout way, she was saying that he's ugly.

When Nachi heard the girl's words, he cracked up.

Many people who read the exchange between this high school couple also admitted in comments that they were amused. Some suggested that the girl may have been hinting that she didn't choose him as a boyfriend because of his looks.

Maybe the boy got a bit teary-eyed or maybe he was genuinely amused. Who knows? In any case, one thing's clear: They had the kind of relationship where they could say anything to each other.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.