As cat lovers know very well, when our feline friends start to get up there in years, some extra maintenance can be required, particularly in the grooming department.

For Japanese Twitter user U-K (@uk2949n), that came in the form of needing to address a tangled and knotted fur problem that their 16-year-old cat was having. After an examination at the vet, it was determined that the elder cat needed to have its fur trimmed in the areas where the trouble was occuring.

That left the kitty looking like "a cat born out of a chicken", as U-K so descriptively put it!

Source: @uk2949n

"It looks like a cat being more out of a chicken, but this is my cat's shave after having some knotted fur problems.

The description certainly fits! The image has taken off on Twitter, with many finding its combination of surreal and cute to be puzzling and requiring many double-takes to figure out what's going on in it.

For those worried, U-K writes that the cat underwent testing and is in good health, and that when coming home from the vet was in much better spirits--likely happy to be thrilled to be rid of pesky furballs!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.