You can always count on Japanese oddity and bookstore to surprise you with a number of quirky cat-related goods. Recently they've stocked up on cat-motif earphones, cat-tail incense burning stands, and even eye-soothing cat masks.

While they don't carry giant wearable realistic cat heads, they do offer a smaller and more affordable alternative: realistic cat head phone chargers!

The realistic cat head chargers (called the "Nyanko Charge", or "Kitty Charge") are equipped with a USB port, so you adjust with a compatible cable for the phone of your choice. They come packaged with a personal pouch and strap (and additional cable) so you can surprise your friends when you pull out a fluffy cat face to help purr your phone battery to 100%.

As you can see, the level of detail perfectly captures the facial expressions of different breeds of cat, and each has a fluffy and squeezable texture.

They are currently available to order from Village Vanguard's online shop for 4,104 yen. Village Vanguard unfortunately only ships within Japan, but sometimes their goods appear on Amazon.

By - Big Neko.