Retort pouches are a common format for selling food. In Japan, many brands use them to pack a wide variety of liquid foods ranging from curry, pasta sauce, soups and more.

Our readers who have access to MUJI retort pouch food products (available at some international MUJI locations), for example, will surely attest to how convenient they are.

There's one problem that many people have experienced when opening retort pouches, and that's splattering. Depending on how the contents are distributed when you open it, some of the liquid can sometimes splurt or splatter out. And as delicious as MUJI curries are, the last thing you want is a curry stain on your clothes...

Here are some of the common complaints with retort pouches in general:

  • When opening the pouch, the contents fly out.
  • When you cut the pouch diagonally on one side, it's sometimes difficult to pour out the contents.
  • When using scissors, the contents sometimes stick to the blades, so you have to wipe them off each time.

We would like to introduce a "secret technique for opening retort pouches cleanly," which we found to be the easiest and most reliable.

Since we had some Bokkake from MUJI, we used it for this example:

First, push and/or squeeze the contents of the retort pouch until they are below the opening notch.

Fold the pouch in half so that the left and right opening notches overlap.

Keeping the two halves together, slowly tear it from the opening.

This method will ensure that the contents don't splatter and you don't need to deal with diagonal cuts made by scissors either. The pouch can be opened cleanly and easily.

You don't need any additional tools and you can use this method right away. Why not give it a try?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.