Tabehoudai, or all-you-can-eat restaurant services, have been a big staple of wooing customers by bars and eateries in Japan with bang for your buck appeal for years. While it's almost a given at most izakaya and yakiniku restaurants, you can now enjoy all-you-can-eat monster burgers at Burger King, all-you-can-eat-and-drink at KFC, and even generous specials like tabehoudai fried chicken for less than a dollar. These services always come with the caveat of a time limit, however.

That may not be the case at popular conveyor-belt sushi restaurant Kurazushi. While the sushi chain isn't officially offering their own all-you-can-eat service, they have publicly announced and promoted a method where one can theoretically game the system and enjoy all the sushi they want, with no time limit (outside of closing hours).

Evidently, with a little planning, you can pay 3,000 yen ($28.64 USD) to unlock an endless loop of sushi.

There are a few loops needed to clear, but Kurazushi is officially owning up to them. If you reserve your table ahead of time as a family of three, and then order at least 3,000 yen of food, you will earn 3,000 points in credit towards the Go To Eat (a Japanese government effort to promote restaurant revival amid the pandemic via discounts and a redeemable point system) campaign. You can then use those 3,000 yen points to...order another round of 3,000 yen worth of food!

Kurazushi is likely banking on families ordering more than the 3,000 yen worth of sushi, and it's not like they wouldn't see any benefit from it, but it's certainly rare to see a restaurant endorse a loophole like this. Maybe after polishing off an endless order of sushi, they're hoping patrons are tempted by sushi cola and burgers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.