When it comes to blood-pumping rides and attractions in Japan, it can be hard to top the Fuji-Q Highland theme park and its unparalleled views. Those looking for a different kind of thrill may want to consider making their way to small parks in the boonies, however.

A video shared by Wakadanna (@wakadanna_coo), who runs a traditional Japanese ryokan inn with a 150 year history, has been remind many just how "adventurous" old playground equipment such as slides can be in the Japanese countryside.

Some countryside parks, particularly those in the hills, have long-winding slides that give kids a very scenic and up-close-and-personal zip through nature. Unfortunately, when they haven't been looked after in a while, they can be quite rough--as Wakadanna found out!

The slide only has two rules--sit down before you slide, and children six and under must do so with a guardian--but even following those can't stop Wakadanna from yelling out "it hurrrrts!!" as they go down the rickety slide of bars. Likely because not many people have been using the tattered slide, and much of the surrounding grass has overgrown and overrun the path of the slide!

The video quickly made waves on Twitter, racking up 130,000 likes with comments like "this is a picture of Hell." It also prompted many in Japan to share their own pictures of local treacherous slides, so perhaps if you're looking for one in the countryside, you may want to investigate the condition of your surroundings first!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.