Japan's first vegan fruit sandwich specialty store "fruits and season" is certainly living up to its name this fall. As of September 6th, the Tokyo-based store will be offering delicious autumn favorite fruits including Japanese pears and persimmons in their popular dessert sandwiches.

fruits and season, which first opened in Ebisu in January 2021, specializes in a vegan take on the fluffy-breaded and cream-filled fruit sandwiches that have be come quite popular in Japan, largely in part to their deliciousness but also Instagrammable aesthetic.

This fall, the specialty shop will keep up with their reputation for using the highest quality fruits in Japan, serving up a sandwich filled with highly touted touted persimmons from Hakata called Akiou (King of Autumn), which are known for their particular sweetness, crunchy texture, and being nearly seedless.

fruits and season will also offer sandwiches using both juicy Japanese and Western pears, as well as an all new coffee cream banana sandwich, which combines ripe bananas with vegan soy milk cream made with freshly ground roasted organic coffee beans.

In consideration of food waste, fruits and season uses whole fruits as much as possible, and also offer sandwiches that make use of fruit that may have otherwise been needlessly thrown away due to perceived blemishes, carefully selected each morning by Daiwa Super in Aichi prefecture.

Access and menu information can be found at their official website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.