BANDAI Co., Ltd. has announced that they will release the SPY×FAMILY TAMAGOTCHI (スパイファミリーたまごっち) on December 17th, 2022. This is a game for everyone to try and raise Anya.

Tamago たまご means egg in Japanese, so Tamagotchi is a small egg-shaped toy with which you can raise your own digital pet. It was a smash hit in Japan in the 90s. At the time, Tamagotchi was a game for players to take care of the original Tamagotchi pets. However, recent Tamagotchi releases have been collaborations featuring popular characters from Demon Slayer, the Evengelion franchise, One Piece, Disney Twisted-Wonderland, and more. According to their official website, the Tamagotchi series sold 82 million units between 1996 to 2017.


It comes in two colors: Spy Green and Anyatchi Pink! The Spy Green version design looks like this:

If you're a Spy × Family fan, you’ll notice something immediately. Yes, Loid’s hat, peanuts (Anya’s favorite snack), the important Stella, and the hair accessory Yor always wears during her missions are printed on it. This design is really stylish, isn’t it?

On the other hand, Anyatchi Pink looks like this:

Anya’s unique horn-like hair accessories and the school uniform are printed on it. If you're a big Anya fan, you might want the pink one, and if you like all of the members of the Forger family, you might want to get the green one. It's a very difficult choice!

The game content, size, and price are the same for both colors. The size is H 4 cm x W 3 cm, and its price is JPY 2,530 including tax.

How to raise and play with Anya

Tamagotchi is basically a game in which you take care of your character by providing them with food and communication. Look at the top right in the pink section of the picture. おやつ oyatsu is “snack” in Japanese, so you can give Anya peanuts. Anya is smiling and she looks so happy! Her meal (gohan ごはん) is “coming soon”... What will it be?

The green part in the picture above shows the mini-games available and two of the three have been revealed. The middle one is dodgeball, the sport Anya played in Episode 10 of the anime. The right one is a SPY Word Matching game. The details haven’t been explained yet, but as much as I could tell from the animated version on their website, it looks like a slot to make the word “SPY”.

According to the press release, the results of these mini games will affect Anya’s growth, and as the official website shows, if you don’t communicate with Anya enough, she will run away. Be careful!

Depending on Anya’s growth, her fashion will change. As you can see from the pink section in the picture, Anya will wear a wizard costume, a dress, pajamas, a swim suit, a detective coat and more! There are 14 different costumes in all.

Be sure to pay attention to Anya’s facial expressions as well. Her infamous “Heh” face will also be featured in the game.

The release date is in December, so it’s a little far, but stay tuned for more information coming before the release!


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By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).