The Super Mario games are constantly evolving, and in 2015, Nintendo released a new game for Wii U called the Super Mario Maker. If you’ve never played it before, it’s an interactive game that basically allows players to create their own levels, and share them online for others to download and try out.

Being able to create your own course for Mario to venture out in is cool enough, but the game also has a Costume Mario feature that transforms him into one of a vast array of different characters like Wolf Link, Starfy, and even Baby Metal. Well, if you happen to be a Sanrio fan who loves playing Super Mario, we have great news for you.

Being released on May 27th are two new characters — Hello Kitty and My Melody. Thanks to a collaborative effort between Nintendo and Sanrio, two of Sanrio’s best-known characters are adding their own kawaii twist to the game.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

They’ll even be given their own cute signature moves, including “sitting down adorably on the ground.” We’re not exactly sure what that and their other moves will entail, but there’s no question Hello Kitty and My Melody fans will appreciate them.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.