Japanese Twitter user and manga artist めめ Meme (@meme4coma) was about to cook a dish of 肉じゃが nikujaga⁠—a popular Western-influenced stew mainly consisting of meat and potatoes, and seasoned with soy sauce and mirin⁠—when one of the potatoes caught her by surprise.

The unusually shaped tuber looked just like the friendly robot Baymax in Disney's 2014 film Big Hero 6

Reproduced with permission from めめ Meme (@meme4coma)

Baymax is a robot with a small face and a large body. The face has black dots representing eyes, joined by a curved line.

As you can see in the image above, the potato reproduced the robot's torso and head in almost every detail.

This "Baymax potato" quickly went viral and Meme's post has garnered over 245,000 likes at the time of writing. It also elicited numerous comments, such as:

  • "It really does look like Baymax. This is so funny!"
  • "When I heard about this potato, I thought to myself: 'There's no way that's possible,' but now that I see it, I must admit it really does look like Baymax!"
  • "It's too amazing! Did Baymax make an appearance in the real world?"

In the comments, someone suggested that she could sell the potato at a premium price at an auction site, to which she replied:

"This is all that's left ?"

At least "Baymax" was useful...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.