We use our smartphone virtually every day. And we know we carry a lot of germs on it. Well, here's a robot cleaner to save the day.

Auto Mee S by Takara Tomy had built a Screen Cleaning Robot to do your phone cleaning duty for you. This tiny little robot cleans and scrubs your smartphone all by itself. In a matter of minutes... bam! Your iPhone is spick-and-span clean! It might even feel as if you just went and purchased a new smartphone while having a cup of coffee. The bottom of the robot has two rotating pads to remove greasy fingerprints and dust particles.

With built-in edge detection sensors, it allows the robot to operate automatically. When it touches the edge of the screen, it will bounce right back to continue its process without falling off the phone.

Check it out how this little guy "moves his ass."

Alright... it might be slower than what we had in mind...

But hey, at least it gets the job done, right?

In fact, Takara Tomy had sold a cleaning robot named the SO-G (Dustbot) in 1986 - that robot pushes its little broom and vacuum the floor. Although it did a poor job in cleaning rooms, at least it was cute to look at.

This time, the company's made the world's smallest robot cleaner - only 7cm (2.8”) in diameter and weighing 82 grams. It will take 4 minutes to clean your smartphone, or 10 minutes for your tablet... Maybe I should use my hands.

But if you've got some time and you're keen to try out funky gadgets, why don't you give this little cutie a try?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.