Mt. Fuji can make for some breathtaking photography from just about any angle, but it's hard to argue that Lake Yamanako isn't among one of the best spots in the country to take in the iconic mountain. One of the Five Fuji Lakes, Lake Yamanako adds some extra scenic charm to shots of Mt. Fuji, sometimes with nature's prettiest photobombs.

Twitter user MOMOKA (@nemuidesu803) recently took a trip to the lake, and reminded us why some of the best photos of the mountain are those you can't plan on, capturing Mt. Fuji in a shot that has quickly wowed many online.

Source: @nemuidesu803

"Mt. Fuji was enveloped in a rainbow."

A rainbow above Mt. Fuji alone would be considered a fantastic scene, but its reflection in the lake creates a perfect circle around the symbol of Japan in what's being called a miracle shot by some on Twitter. A perfect reminder that you can never see too many great pictures of Mt. Fuji!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.