"This is what a real paradise looks like."

"So beautiful and breathtaking."

"Next spring, I’d love to go see this view. "

These are just some of the comments that one video (by @KikiPhotoWorks) is receiving overwhelmingly.

Take a look at the breathtaking scene captured in a park in Nara prefecture.

A herd of deer relaxing on the bed of cherry blossoms, creating a heaven-like atmosphere. This was filmed on the evening of April 8th 2020, a day after a state of emergency was announced in Japan due to the outbreak of Novel corona virus.

Kikiphotoworks took the couples for their pre-wedding photoshoot at Nara Park. The photo shoot took a place in the park which was accessible by a private vehicle, and fulfilled the three conditions to avoid group cross-infections; close contact, no ventilation, and isolated space. She decided to move forward with the photoshoot, as it would have been difficult to reschedule the shoot for the couple, and also was able to secure and practice the safety protocols.

Here is what Kikiphotoworks has to say about the day of the photo shoot:

“That day was a last chance for couple’s to do the sakura themed photoshoot. It was as if a spirit was watching over us, and gave us the heaven-like view as a gift to lift the spirit of the couples who were ready to give up on their pre-wedding photoshoot.”

Kikiphotoworks has not been operating since the said shoot.

In the midst of uncertainty during this world pandemic, the beautiful view of pink sakura cheered the couples up and gave them an optimistic view on their new marriage and life together ahead. And I can only assume that it also brought some peace of mind in viewers during the self-isolation period.

If you would like to check out Kikiphotoworks’s other works, take a look here; @KikiPhotoWorks.

By - Mugi.