Finally confirming the rumors and hopes of countless Vtuber fans around the world, Cover Co., Ltd., known for its Vtuber agency hololive productions, officially announced the establishment of the English-speaking VTuber group HOLOSTARS English.

Online speculation was rife the moment hololive productions dropped a mysterious logo mark (same as below, without the TEMPUS lettering) on their Twitter account on July 15th, along with a new website.

This website featured a teaser video but also a countdown ending on July 18th, at which time it was revealed that TEMPUS would be HOLOLIVE English's first unit, featuring four talents called Regis Altare, Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, and Noir Vesper.

The four members of TEMPUS are now active on Twitter and their debut streams are scheduled between July 23rd and 24th (JST). More details are below.

TEMPUS promotional video

The TEMPUS background story

The four members of TEMPUS live in Elysium, a digital utopia created by humanity as a result of its decision to "abandon the material, corporeal realm." However, this world is threatened by the "Records Corruption," a scourge that brings suffering to the city and its people.

To fight this threat, the four members of TEMPUS decided to "resist the status quo and seek to change the world as adventurers."

TEMPUS is the name of the most popular pub in the downtown area where they began to assemble, as well as the name of the adventurer's guild that they founded.

The members of TEMPUS

Regis Altare (リージス・アルテア)

The founder of Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS.

The first-ever adventurer to set foot in Elysium, he dislikes stagnation and the status quo.

He is childish at heart and generally bungles everything he touches, and yet he is inexplicably popular among his peers. His earnest straightforwardness may well lead to him being called a “hero” one day.

“The masses chose not to act. So I’ll take a stand in their stead.”

Magni Dezmond(マグニ・デズモンド)

Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS’s publicist.

He proclaims himself to be an alchemist, but nobody has ever seen him in action. Muddling the waters even further are his business ventures which take him all around Elysium.

Nobody knows what his actual profession is. What does his “alchemy” even consist of... making potions?

The type of person who stares right into the abyss. Rumors say he will do anything it takes to uncover the truth behind the world, and that he’s hiding a dark side to him.

“Alchemists have the wonderful ability to grant people’s wishes!”

Axel Syrios(アクセル・シリオス)

The chief of human resources in Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS.

He is the owner of the combat arena, and a gladiator himself.

He joined TEMPUS on a whim, only to take a real liking to it.

Has always swiftly resolved any problems he has faced by sheer instinct, and thus considers himself somewhat of a doctor.

“Doctors resolve the root cause of a problem, right? Well, I destroy it. So I am a doctor.”

Noir Vesper(ノワール・ヴェスパー)

Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS’s academic advisor.

He also holds the posts of custodian and arch-scholar at the Grand Library.

Logical and rational at all times, he doesn’t lift a finger unless completely convinced by something.

He has an aversion to sunlight due to spending too long cooped up, absorbed in his research.

“It’s his childish nature that allows him to speak so freely about his dreams. He might even actually let everyone around him dream.”

First Collaboration Stream

After the new talents of “HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS-” have finished their first individual streams, you'll be able to watch the very first collaborative stream featuring all four members. Don't miss it!

Schedule: July 24th, 2022, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (JST)

Fans are already excited about the new unit, their JRPG-esque world and background story, as well as their cool character designs, with many noting that Chinatsu Kurahana, Showichi Furumi and Ginka are artists for the popular Fate / Grand Order mobile game.

It goes without saying that many people will be eagerly watching their debut streams as the TEMPUS adventure begins!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.