Are you ready to celebrate the first anniversary of five super talented Vtubers from Nijisanji? Yes, they are Team Eden (エデン組 eden gumi): Axia Krone アクシア・クローネ, Lauren Iroas ローレン・イロアス, Leos Vincent レオス・ヴィンセント, Oliver Evans オリバー・エバンス, and Lain Paterson レイン・パターソン!

One year ago, I wrote about their debut and this month is their one-year anniversary! How time flies!

Anycolor Inc., has announced they will release tons of original items to celebrate! They will be available from the Nijisanji official store.

Okay, so let’s check out each item!

Goods Lineup

Leos Vincent: Mameneko smartphone stand

Can you believe this? Mameneko まめねこis coming to your desk!

Yes, as you know, Mameneko is the cute creature that is usually in Leos’ jacket breast pocket during his stream. If you want to know more about Mameneko, you should watch Leos’ legendary debut stream because he spent most of the time talking about Mameneko, not about himself.

Oh, do you want to know more about Leos too? All of his streams are very exciting, but if I had to choose some, his Tetris battle with his viewers and Passpartout stream are particularly interesting. In the Passpartout stream, you can also see Leos’ great artistic talent!

The price for the Mameneko smartphone stand is 3,000 JPY (tax included), and its size is approximately 80 × 80 × 100 mm.

Enjoy your life with Mameneko!

Oliver Evans: Tie-shaped Bag Charm

The special item for Professor Evans, the intelligent, bilingual, and handsome professor, is an accessory for your bag. A yellow tie with black and white stripes... Are you familiar with the design? Yes, it’s the same design as Oliver’s tie! Having an accessory that has a design identical to that your favorite Vtuber sounds like a dream!

The price is 2,500 JPY (tax included), and its size is approximately W 70 × H 150 mm.

Oliver is well known for his intelligence, fluent English, and his game skills. He often does international collaborations such as his recent Project Winter/International Collab in English. He often streams in both Japanese and English, so you’ll enjoy his streams a lot.

In addition to his international collaborations, his ‎Biohazard streams are also fun and you can enjoy them without knowing Japanese. His gameplay and reactions are exciting! Usually, he is a gentleman, but once he plays Biohazard...

Lain Paterson: Tumbler

The item for Lain Paterson, the cool and cute bodyguard, is this tumbler! It would be really useful to use both inside and outside your home. You can find cool guns and sharks, her favorite animal, incorporated into the tumbler's design. The color combination is also nice. The black and red express both her coolness and cuteness. On top of the tumbler, a sneaker-shaped charm is attached.

The price is 3,500 JPY (tax included). The bottle size is about 65 × 178 mm, and the charm is 25 mm.

If you want to know more about Lain, watch her nice song covers and ‎mahjong streams!

Thronez: Axia Krone & Lauren Iroas

The merch for Axia Krone and Lauren Iroas, also known as Thronez, are these fashionable two-tone blouson jackets! This duo is famous for their amazing skill in FPS games, and the jackets fit the cool impression they give when they play.

The inside of Axia’s jacket is blue which is his image color. If you aren't watching them already, why don’t you check out his FPS streams and Mario Kart 8DX streams?

As for Lauren's jacket, the inside is red. If you want to know more about Lauren, check out his FPS streams and the video of his amazing cover of 神っぽいな Kamippoi na which has over 10 million views!

Please be aware that these jackets are the only items with a pre-order deadline of July 31st, 2022, 23:59 (JST). The items will be shipped out in late November, and if you purchase these with other items, the shipment will be delayed.

The price is 12,000 JPY (tax included) each and they only come in Japan size L.

Team Eden items

Of course there are also goods featuring all five members of Team Eden!

These are embroidered socks with each member’s fan mark.

These adorable puppet dolls are Nijipapetto にじぱぺっと!

If you have these acrylic stands on your desk, your desk work will be much more fun!

There are more items featuring the new key visuals for each of the five members. There are polaroid-style cards (upper left), plastic folders (middle), and an A3-size plastic poster (upper right).

These goods are available at the Nijisanji official store. Some items will be on sale at several Animate shops and the Animate online shop. If you buy over 3,000 JPY at the Nijisanji Official Store, you’ll get a special bookmark.

Get ready to celebrate Team Eden’s first year anniversary!



  • Acrylic stands, cards, clear files, poster, and bookmarks: PBDesign
  • Two-tone blouson jackets: Lowro

Note: You may need to use a proxy shopping service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express if you'd like to have items shipped internationally

By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).