VTuber and Virtual Liver group NIJISANJI, operated by ANYCOLOR, Inc., has opened new fan clubs for six of its virtual talents as part of its official "NIJISANJI FAN CLUB."

Ever since opening in October 2020, "NIJISANJI FAN CLUB," which comprises a NIJISANJI General Lounge as well as individual clubs for each of its participating Livers, has continued adding new members and now has a total of 20 fan clubs.

These fan clubs let you enjoy exclusive content, dedicated chat rooms where you can communicate with Livers, newsletters three times a year, membership cards, and custom stamps. Moreover, in addition to the individual clubs, there's also the "NIJISANJI General Fan Club" through which you can enjoy limited content, advance ticketing, an app-version membership card, and more.

Six new fan clubs at NIJISANJI FAN CLUB

Today, on July 25th, 2022, NIJISANJI FAN CLUB has opened 6 new fan clubs.

The six Livers getting fan clubs are (from left to right, above): Moira, Gundo Mirei, Aizono Manami, Yorumi Rena, Shirayuki Tomoe and Hyakumantenbara Salome.

Fans of Moira, who made her debut in 2018 and Mirei, Manami, Rena and Tomoe, who made theirs in 2019, have been waiting for their faves to get their own fan clubs for nearly two years, so they're surely happy about this announcement.

As for Salome, the first NIJISANJI solo debutante who burst onto the Vtuber scene in May 2022 and became the fastest Vtuber to reach the 1 million subscriber milestone in just under 14 days, getting her own fan club was an obvious choice, as Salomates everywhere will surely agree.

Fan club links

See the NIJISANJI FAN CLUB website for details of membership fees and other information (Japanese only).

Free content

NIJISANJI is releasing some content for free, such as comments from some of the members about their enthusiasm for their fan clubs, so don't miss it. There will also be content that can only be seen by paying members!

"23 Questions for Livers"

ANYCOLOR, Inc. is now accepting questions from fans about the six Livers newly opening fan clubs. They'll answer 23 of the questions they receive, so maybe yours will be included!

Note: Only members of individual fan clubs are eligible to submit questions. Please check each fan club page for details.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.