This cat can sing

Virtual singers have been around for a while. The most popular Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI is a good example. However, MiMi Kanade stands out from other virtual singers because of her looks. You see, she's a cat.

But don't let her animal appearance fool you. The feline diva supported by Logic & Magic, Inc. has an amazing voice, and has been using it to cover everything from Utada Hikaru and Gen Hoshino in Japanese to Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande in English on her YouTube channel (see her MiMi♡Covers playlist below), not to mention two original songs to date, and has over 250,000 followers on her TikTok channel.

Mimi gets a human form

Now, for a change of pace, MiMi has transformed into a human, and the results are very cute!

To match her new "anime girl" appearance, MiMi has a very catchy theme song by none other than the legendary Hironobu Kageyama, the leader of JAM Project who's also known for such classics as the Dragon Ball Z opening song and countless other anime, tokusatsu and game song hits. With an arrangement by Cheru Watanabe and lyrics and composition by Kageyama, Mimi's theme song for her human transformation is entitled: "MiMi the Super Cat":

Comment from Hironobu Kageyama

I hate neither cats nor cute girls, for that matter (laughs). So, I put even more effort than I needed to, especially in the lyrics. I'm going to cheer on this new MiMi as she goes out into the world.

Hironobu Kageyama

Comment from MiMi Kanade

I am so happy to have such a wonderful song made for me! It's an important song for me which has given me that extra push I need to take me to the next level. I think you'll enjoy MiMi singing in a different kind of voice than you're used to, so please listen to it!

MiMi Kanade

MiMi will have her first live broadcast with her new human form on Monday, October 19th (JST), so keep a close watch on her YouTube channel!

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By - Ben K.