If you are a fan of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 鬼滅の刃 and video games are also a hobby of yours, what would you think of a Demon Slayer gaming chair?

If that sounds like a dream, I have good news for you. The gaming furniture brand Bauhütte has announced that they will be releasing the G-300KM, which is their Demon Slayer gaming chair, on Sept 28th, 2022.

As the name suggests, this series of gaming chairs was created using the five main characters as the motif.

Kamado Tanjirō design

The design featuring the protagonist, Kamado Tanjirō 竈門炭治郎, looks like this. The headrest, lumbar support, arm rests have been given Tanjirō’s distinctive green and black rectangular pattern. This pattern is called ichimatsu monyō 市松文様. It became widespread during the Edo era (17th century to 19th century) because it was worn by a popular kabuki 歌舞伎 actor of the time. His name was Ichimatsu 市松, and the pattern also inherited his name.

One more interesting detail is the back rest. It uses a black material with two buttons. That’s right, this is inspired by the Demon Slayer Corp uniform. Fans of the series will know this is the uniform that was made from a special material that helps to protect the Demon Slayers.

The chairs inspired by Tomioka Giyū and Agatsuma Zenitsu also feature the same design.

Kamado Nezuko design

This model is based on Tanjirō’s younger sister, Kamado Nezuko 竈門禰豆子. The chair uses the same pattern that is seen on Nezuko’s pink kimono.

This pattern is also a traditional pattern known as the asanoha monyou 麻の葉文様. Asanoha means cannabis leaves in Japanese. This design has existed since the Heian period (8th century to 12th century), but it is said that it became widespread during the Edo era. According to one explanation, the pattern represents the hope for a child to grow up healthy.

Agatsuma Zenitsu design

Agatsuma Zenitsu 我妻善逸is a very unique character who provides the comic relief in Demon Slayer. He is a user of lightning breathing and he wears a yellow Japanese style jacket with a triangular pattern. This is very similar to a traditional pattern called the uroko monyō 鱗文様. Uroko 鱗 means scales in Japanese. The name comes from how the equilateral and isosceles triangles come together to resemble scales.

Hashibira Inosuke design

Hashibira Inosuke 嘴平伊之助is a character who wears a boar mask and runs around topless. Therefore, the chair that uses his character as a motif foregoes the Demon Slayer Corps uniform design. The chair uses a blue pattern that is a reference to the color of his eyes and a brown lumbar support which is a reference to the color of his waistcloth.


Tomioka Giyū design

The first member of the Demon Slayer Corps that Tanjirō meets is Tomioka Giyū 冨岡義勇. I won’t go deep into spoiler territory, but the gaming chair uses a color design that strongly references how Giyū’s jacket is created from two different patterns.

They are all very attractive designs and you might struggle to decide which one you want. I hope you can choose the one that represents your favorite character.

For more information on the chairs and their availability at online retailers, visit the product page at Bauhütte's official website here.

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  • By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).