Premium Bandai has quite the variety of cute PC cushions to rest your arms on while you work at your computer, most notably a Pokemon series that features Eevee, Meowth, and even Mimikyu. But perhaps tapping into the same quirky sense of humor that inspired their release of a head rest that simulates being inhaled by Kirby, Premimum Bandai has put out another amusing cushion.

This time they've turned their attention to Dragon Ball Z for a Frieza PC Cushion, but they've added a corporate twist by asking you to imagine the suit-wearing Frieza as your ideal boss.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That's the supreme ruler of Universe 7 wearing a business suit and offering a cozy rest for your arms. Premium Bandai was apparently inspired by the domineering confidence with which Frieza lords over everyone and decided to imagine him as a corporate overlord, hence the suit and tie!

Enjoy tea time with Frieza!

The perfect DBZ travel buddy

These numbers aren't up to snuff!

Make a work mistake? Apologize to Lord Frieza

Frieza is here to rest your wrists and also be as evil as possible!

Dodoria and Zarbon approve.

You can try and make Frieza your corporate boss by ordering him for Premium Bandai.

By - Big Neko.