Starbucks has been treating coffee and sweets lovers to some rather unique seasonal Frappuccinos in Japan over years, including the ever-popular sakura Frappuccino and even a trick or treat Halloween potato Frappuccino.

One of it's most well-received offerings came just last year, however. To celebrate their 25th anniversary in Japan, Starbucks released the 47JIMOTO Frappuccino series, which featured 47 Frappuccinos--each unique to one of Japan's 47 prefectures. Each Frappuccino contained ingredients and flavors that its respective prefecture was known for, and that made it a Frappuccino fan favorite for those traveling across regions.

However, as each was landlocked to a certain prefecture, not everyone could easily try out a faraway prefecture's exclusive Frappuccino. Answering popular demand to do so, Starbucks is making three prefecture-exclusive Frappuccinos available all throughout the country for the month of August.

Source: Starbucks Japan

Ishikawa Prefecture

Source: Starbucks Japan

The first is the Ishikawa Bo Hojicha Frappuccino. The first is a milky take on hojicha, or roasted green tea. However the drink uses kaga-bo-hojicha, a popular hojicha in Ishikawa, that is made roasting the stems rather than the leaves of the tea plant. The result is a nuttier flavor in its base. The drink is topped with whipped cream and kaga-bo-hojicha powder.

Yamanashi Prefecture

Source: Starbucks Japan

The Yamanashi Tete!! Grape White Chocolate Frappuccino uses the prized grapes of of Yamanashi prefecture, which are praised for being especially sweet and juicy. The Frappuccino blends whipped cream, white chocolate, and a marbled Yamanashi grape sauce.

Okinawa Prefecture

Source: Starbucks Japan

The Kari (auspicious) Chinsuko Vanilla Caramel Frappuccino uses chinsuko, a traditional Okinawan shortbread cookie with a hint of salt. Chinsuko are actually crushed up into the milky vanilla-based drink and top it off along with caramel sauce.

The trio of prefecture-specific Frappuccinos will be available at Starbucks throughout Japan from August 3rd to August 31st, in tall size only.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.