Summer is the time for festivals in Japan. This means fireworks displays, wearing yukata, and naturally, delicious festival food!

The standard festival food, which is served up at stalls whenever there’s an event on, is instantly recognisable to Japanese people. Just one look at these treats and they will instantly recall fond summer memories.

It makes sense then, that Family Mart have chosen this theme for their lineup of bread appearing this season. These four new baked goods are all based on classic festival fare, including both sweet and savoury options.

First up is the grilled corn-inspired bread. It doesn’t only look like corn, with its lattice pattern and yellow colour, but it also tastes like it too. The dough is corn flavoured, and it has soy sauce slathered corn inside.

Next is the okonomiyaki bread, which looks very similar to the real thing. It has a yakisoba filling which will replicate okonomiyaki’s noodle and cabbage-heavy taste.

Sweets are a must at a festival, and a popular option is the chocolate banana. It’s usually half covered in chocolate with multi-coloured sprinkles, and Family’s Mart’s bread has this look down to a T.

Lastly, there’s the colourful candied apples. The red jelly coating tastes like apple, and the filling is an apple jam.

The packaging is also based on the style of food stall banners usually seen at festivals.

The lineup can be found in Family Mart convenience stores all over Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.