In Japan, there are certain inconveniences to living in the countryside. Having restaurants and convenience stores that seem like they are around every corner in the bigger cities so far away can be a drag, and even when they are around they can close earlier than usual. It seems often that the gorgeous scenery is one of the pros that outweighs the cons.

Twitter user Araragi (@ALPINA_B5_) really put that into perspective when they shared a photo taken just a stone's throw away from their home on the Seto Inland Seaside of Yamaguchi prefecture. Araragi posted the photo saying "It takes 2 hours to get to the nearest Saizeriya (a popular Italian family restaurant chain in Japan) from my house," which sounds like a major inconvenience. However, they countered that hassle with "but five minutes from my house, you can see this night sky."

Source: @ALPINA_B5_

You can see the Saizeriya glowing green in the distance across the sea at the base of a hillside, but above it is a magnificent starry sky that is absolutely breathtaking. Many on Twitter were stunned by the photo, commenting that the inconvenience seems totally minor when you're able to take in this kind of scenery. It really does put into perspective how a plate of family restaurant pasta looks vs. the sky above.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.