"Here's 'Ra' I found yesterday during my pleasure drive through forest roads."

This is how Twitter user (@tip20916) captioned a video he posted of his recent pleasure drive on his motorcycle.

The answer to the mystery of "Ra" is hidden in the video, but some of our readers won't be able to figure it out at first glance.

Check out the video and see if you can find "Ra":

If you were looking for the Egyptian Sun God, you probably didn't find anything...

However, if you were looking for "ra" (see below), the Japanese phonetic symbol in the katakana syllabary, then maybe you did!

The gaps between the clouds make a beautiful "Ra."

Many people who saw the video were surprised and left comments such as:

  • That "ra" must be the "ra" in "sora" (空 sky)!
  • "I laughed because it was more of a 'ra' than I imagined it would be!"
  • "Is this for real? Isn't it too amazing?"

Clearly, you have to be there just at the right time and the right place to see something like this. Many people were astonished by this once-in-a-lifetime sight!

Now, anyone hungry for a nice bowl of ラーメン ramen?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.