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McDonald’s Japan’s Doraemon-themed Banana Chocolate Pie [Review]

As we reported last week, since August 5th, 2022, McDonald's Japan has been offering two sweet summer items featuring the likeness of Doraemon and his friends.

These items, inspired by the flavors of foods and drinks found at 縁日 en'nichi Japanese summer festival stalls, are the マックシェイク ドラえもん ラムネ (makku sheiku doraemon ramune | Doraemon Ramune McShake) and the ドラえもん チョコバナナパイ (doraemon choko banana pai | Doraemon Chocolate Banana Pie).

Chocolate-dipped bananas are great for satisfying hunger pangs after a day of summer activities, so they're often enjoyed at festivals. We've had our share of them in the time we've spent in Japan, so we were naturally curious to know how McDonald's Japan managed to combine these two flavors in a pie.

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When our order arrived, we noticed that our pie had Shizuka on it. From the press release, it looks like there are two versions, Dorami and Shizuka.

We could already detect the sweet aroma of chocolate, with a hint of banana...

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Time to open it up

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Colored golden yellow with specs of chocolate brown, it looks appetizing too!

Let's see what it looks like inside...

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Many things to look forward to. Not only is there a crispy exterior but you can also see flaky layers of chocolate-flavored pie within. And then, of course, the banana puree and chocolate sauce...

Of course, the proof of the pie is in the eating...

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This dessert matched our expectations!

Not only was it crispy and chocolaty as we expected, but the rich taste of banana puree was authentic. Sometimes, banana flavor can taste artificial, but this wasn't the case. Combined with the gooey chocolate sauce, the two tastes blended perfectly with each bite. It's really as if someone took a chocolate-dipped banana, rolled it up in a pie crust and baked it!

For only 150 JPY (tax included), it's worth your yen.

Especially for those who have tasted chocolate-dipped bananas at Japanese festival stalls, this pie is sure to stir up happy memories!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.