McDonald's in Japan can’t stop surprising their customers with traditional Japanese sweets. Around the beginning of this Autumn, everyone’s favorite flavor matcha is joining their McCafe menu. The matcha used is fine Uji-matcha, from Kyoto's tea-town mecca. Perhaps this is a nice traditional break from McDonald's Japan's more eccentric and salty items.

McCafe Matcha Latte

Light taste of green tea aroma with gentle sweetness.

McCafe Iced Tea Latte

Bittersweet green tea and milk.

McCafe Matcha Latte Frappe

Looks closely similar to the Iced Tea Latte, but more rich sweetness.

Green Tea Cake

Features cocoa sponge interspersed with kanoko red beans. Topped with matcha sauce and green tea mousse.

Matcha Chocolate Brownie Frappe

Topped with three pieces of chocolate brownie.

The series of McCafe's Matcha is a seasonal released from September 7th until early October. If you're in Japan during the release and have an odd craving for a burger with green tea, this sounds like a safe bet.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.