Camping continues to be a popular activity in Japan. Recently, rental car companies and campsites have also taken a greater interest in the inbound tourism market, letting visitors discover the joys of camping in the Japanese countryside. Of course, one of the important draws of camping in Japan is making and eating Japanese camp food!

On the Japanese YouTube channel "ALPHA TEC," you can enjoy all kinds of tasty-looking cooking videos with a focus on camping and outdoor activities.

For example, here's a video of the contributor together with his friends grilling succulent-looking yakitori chicken skewers on a charcoal grill, shiitake mushroom caps with mayo, and a thick, juicy steak. It's sure to make you drool!

Basted with tare sauce and a generous sprinkling of garlic powder, his yakitori looks just like the skewers served at a restaurant.

The taste, of course, seems to be amazing, since you can hear his fellow campers enthusing: "Really delicious," "Tasty!" and "Awesome!"

The process of making mayo shiitake mushroom caps begins with shaving wood with a knife to make a fire.

According to the contributor, "Even children who don't like shiitake mushrooms will eat this one, since it has a different taste than they're probably used to.

It's a simple dish, with shiitake drizzled with mayo, sprinkled with seven spice chili pepper mix, and grilled, but just by looking at it, you can be sure that it's delicious.

As for the steak, it's a one-pound slab of beef sprinkled with rock salt and black pepper (finely ground with a mortar and pestle) and then grilled to perfection.

Just listening to the sound of the meat cooking in the pan is enough to make you hungry.

The contributor also grilled vegetables such as asparagus and bell peppers to accompany the steak.

The video has numerous approving comments such as:

  • "Isn't this the best camping experience you can have?"
  • "I envy the people you are camping with!"
  • "Are you a yakitori chef by any chance? You are on a professional level!"

If you liked this video, check out the many other awesome Japanese camp food videos posted on "ALPHA TEC"!

And if you really liked it, maybe you'll even add camping to your list of things to do when you visit Japan!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.