A traditional Japanese sweet that has been in the limelight recently is ‘kohakuto’. The name literally means ‘amber sugar’ and it is known for its resemblance to precious jewels, earning it the nickname ‘crystal candy’ abroad.

One brand that really leans into this reputation is ‘Maho no Kohakuto’. Their creations look particularly fantastical, and they even released a kohakuto DIY kit for Valentine’s Day so people can magic up their own enchanting eats at home.

Their next innovative idea is Japan’s first ever (according to the company’s research) kohakuto vending machine, so these spellbinding wagashi can be summoned at any time of the day. Their store is based in Chiba, but it’s only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which can be inconvenient for travellers, so the vending machine will be located at the storefront for any customers who come to the shop out of hours.

The kohakuto will be stored in the machine at a cool temperature to keep them fresh, and four products will be available.

There’s plain, mint, coffee, and the mysteriously named ‘Dream Granting Magic’.

The vending machine will be in operation from 1st September 2022, and it is located outside Maho no Kohakuto’s main store in Matsudo, Chiba.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.